SmartTraffic Cameras
360ns + DJI for Traffic

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Featured Partners:

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Featured Partners:

Traffic & Tolling

Intelligent Traffic Systems, Project Management, Software Design, Detection Data, Access Control, Tolling Integration & Equipment Design

Travel Time, Solar, & Smart WorkZones

Intelligent Work-Zones, Remote Video, Real-Time Performance Measurement, Dynamic Message Signage


Autonomous Vehicle Infrastructure, IoT, DSRC & Connected Roadways, Smart City Infrastructure, Wireless & Connected Network Design, Integration, & Training


Smart City Projects, Surveillance, Intersection & Incident Detection, Management & Display Systems, Analytics, Distribution, & Sharing

Intelligent Transportation Systems Provider

          ​Fiber & Cable

Fiber Cable Assemblies, Distribution and Video Cables, Centers, Cabinets, Accessories and Closures


       Smarter Traffic. Innovative Leadership. 


Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Product Supply & Support, Surveys, Monitoring, Inspections, FAA Agency Support and Training 

Bosch MIC Extreme Cameras

Video. Network. Traffic. Vehicle.  Data.

Genetec - Leader in IP Video Surveillance

​Your trusted ITS provider for Smarter Traffic through Innovative Leadership.