Our dedicated history of successful projects allows 360ns to offer custom solutions focused on increasing mobility and public safety for agencies across the country. Providing a team of experts for Smarter Cities, Connected Vehicles, Video Surveillance, Detection, Networking, Wireless Communications, Data Analytics, and Tolling applications, we are your trusted provider for Smarter Traffic through Innovative Leadership backed by a solid guarantee, that we will support you until the job is done. 


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Do more with your video! Detect and Control traffic flow more efficiently using Smarter Video Analytics. Analyze, stream and share video between agencies  through 360ns's Smart Video Products and Services.

360ns offer you a complete resource of Network offerings including Industrial Networking, L-2 and L-3 hardware deployments, Network Assessments,  and Wireless Network Design and Hosting.

Intelligent Transportation and Mobility Solution Provider. Delivering Smarter Traffic through Innovative Leadership.

Smarter Traffic. Innovative Leadership.


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Smarter Cities, Connected Devices, and Big Data. 360ns provides real innovative solutions to bring you a complete network of Data and Modeling all in Real-Time.


How can my agency prepare for Connected Vehicles?

Increasing agency productivity with Unmanned Aerial Systems.

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 360ns combines over 30 years of experience providing Intelligent Transportation and Mobility Solutions. Servicing a diverse web of users from Smart Cities to State Transportation Authorities, 360ns offers a complete range of communication, network, monitoring, incident management, and data analytic services coupled with unparalleled design, engineering, and project management support. 360ns provides turn-key, mission-critical services that support your specific network and city needs. We offer highly technical systems integration and will train your organization how maximize and maintain your Intelligent Traffic infrastructure.



 Project management, technical integration, design and maintenance  of smart tolling infrastructure. Services include: Access Control Systems, Incident Detection, Equipment Design,  and Software Implementation. 

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